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New 72 Plate New 72 Plate

New 72 Plate, New Mercedes-Benz

02 Sep 2022

It’s September… and so it’s time to welcome the new and exciting 72 Plate! Have you enquired about your new Mercedes-Benz yet? If not, our team are here to help you find the perfect Mercedes-Benz for you. Shop with us in-store or online and expect to experience all the latest and greatest Mercedes-Benz products on offer, including the most recent additions to the all-electric Mercedes-EQ range and the latest specifications for each Mercedes-Benz model.

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For those who prefer to shop online, we’ve got you covered. If you’re not already aware, our extended online opening hours keep us open online until 10pm during weekdays and our live video call feature on our website means you can connect with a Mercedes-Benz specialist instantly. If you have any questions or need any more information when shopping on our website, we’re there to help.



New Plate, New Models

In this blog post, we thought we would give you a taste of some of the newer Mercedes-Benz models to compliment the new 72 Plate. New Mercedes-Benz models, specifications, and concepts continue to come think and fast throughout 2022 as Mercedes-Benz technology and innovation continues to advance.


The latest and second all-electric saloon vehicle to join the Mercedes-EQ range following the EQS. The EQE features a sporty 'purpose design' with all the characteristic elements of Mercedes-EQ, one-bow lines and cab-forward design. Sensual Purity is reflected in generously modelled surfaces, reduced joints and seamless transitions (seamless design).

Read more about the EQE, or book a test drive at your local Mercedes-Benz South West dealership.*

Mercedes-AMG SL

The NEW Mercedes-AMG SL makes a clear statement of performance, athleticism and style. Open the roof and discover new journeys and unforgettable moments of pleasure. The Mercedes-AMG SL puts you in the best light provides a fascinating experience from every perspective. Read more about the new Mercedes-AMG SL.

Visit our website to discover all Mercedes-Benz models to find help find the perfect car for you. Of course, feel free to visit us at one of our Mercedes-Benz South West showrooms or connect with us online. Alternatively, register your interest in a 72 Plate with us today and a member of our team will be in touch shortly.

*Subject to availability.

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