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Safety and Comfort for the Winter Months

20 Oct 2021
With autumn upon us and the cold nights of winter almost here, safety and comfort on the roads becomes a bigger concern. We take a look at some features designed specifically for this time of year.
  1. Winter Tyres – The benefits of smaller stopping distances in both snow and rain and better traction.
  2. 4MATIC – More than just a standard 4 wheel drive. The system adjusts automatically to give you optimum traction across all different types of terrain and road surface, in all conditions.
  3. Multibeam LED Headlamp – LED technology combines the best current light technologies and can automatically adjust the distribution of light quickly and precisely to almost any situation on the road. The LED technology constantly provides unusually bright and expansive illumination of the road and the verge without dazzling other drivers.
  4. Diming effect on the mirrors – Sensors in the rear-view mirrors compare the intensity of light reflected in the mirror with that of the surrounding light. A large difference indicates glare, which is then reduced automatically by changing the mirror's reflectivity.
  5. Jet washers for headlights – Ice and slush can cake up the headlights and make visibility hard.
  6. Heated Seats – This won’t keep you on the road but a heated seat is a must-have feature for drivers travelling in colder weather.
  7. Remote Start - The device lets you start your engine from inside your home via your smartphone and warm up the cabin of your car, prior to entry.
So, to ensure your Mercedes-Benz is prepared for winter weather, make sure you book in your Winter Health Check. Our friendly and knowledgeable team will test your whole system to ensure your vehicle is winter ready.
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