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Smart Forease

13 Dec 2018
Welcome to the smart forease concept. With smart recently celebrating its 20th birthday at the Paris Motor Show, it was the perfect place to showcase their new concept. The smart forease is extroverted and offers an uncomplicated solution for urban mobility. The driver is at the centre of the hustle and bustle of the city, in which, thanks to the electric drive, they can freely participate. The smart forease concept pulls inspiration from two previous concepts the “crossblade” and “forspeed”. Its pays tribute to these models with openness and minimalistic style. Smart crossblade for total openness smart crossblade The smart crossblade had no doors, roof or windscreen. Its driver was able to drive through the countryside under open skies with the wind in their face for an incomparable driving experience. A narrow, tinted wind deflector, extending across the cockpit area, was all there was to counteract the headwind. Smart forspeed is open and electric smart forspeed The forspeed combined contemporary urban mobility with the typical smart fun factor. With no roof or side windows, the two-seater featured a low-profile wind deflector instead of a windscreen in the style of a classic propeller aircraft. The designers have followed on from its predecessors but also thinking outside the box. With no roof, shorter windscreen and door handles that are recessed in the door it definitely has a look that will turn people’s heads. With no roof it makes the car open to the sun’s rays and the wind allowing the passengers to enjoy a pure driving experience. The shorter windscreen offers little resistance to the head wind. The recessed door handles give it an elegant touch. The smart forease has a paint finish of metallic-white, matt-silver tridion cell and a brilliant stream green for accents both inside and out. The green can be found around the seams of the upholstery, around the media interface and the side of the seats. smart forease trim One of the features inside the forease is two round displays in place of the centre air vents. This display can be used to present content from the ready to app, which allows the driver to monitor its functions. Another interior feature is the audio system, they provide perfect sound for listening to music or making phone call, these are visibly integrated in the rear wall of the cockpit. Smart is the first automotive brand with its sights set in a systematic switch from combustion engine to the electric drive. From 2020, will be marketing only battery-electric cars in Europe. The smart forease makes it clear that electric cars will be anything but boring. Speak with our smart specialists today about switching over to electric.
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