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The all-new smart forrail.

01 Apr 2017
Further to the International Press Release on 12th February, we are delighted to announce UK specification for the all new smart forrail, the world’s first personal commuting train pod. Combining conventional rail functionality with modern-day comfort and connectivity, the smart forrail really is an all-new inter-city mover. Available in both two and four-seat capacity, the commuter pods are designed to function completely autonomously based on unfaltering signal analysis and remote network monitoring. 360-degree sensors with a certified depth of over 50 metres, guided speed control and automatic stopping distance mean the final specification achieves complete integration with European rail networks. In order to maintain the distinguished heritage of the smart car range, the only visible outward transformation is its trio of 35” straight axle wheelsets. Inside, cabin space is vastly increased. This is to facilitate comfortable and efficient workstations as well a unique space to relax and unwind. Highlights include:
  • New interior design that facilitates either private, sound proofed travel booths or a shared space, depending on travel preferences.
  • Media services focus on sustained web and phone connectivity as well as advanced entertainment options.
  • New LED ambient lighting that responds to individual passenger mood, time of day and external light levels.
  • Unique business hosting packages for that little bit of extra luxury.
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