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A sports car with class, comfort and precision.

21 Sep 2017
This time last year, Mrs Bray purchased her new SLC 250d AMG Line from Mercedes-Benz of Truro. She was looking for a sports car that outperformed her highly regarded Porsche Boxster S; a car she had driven happily for over seven years. "My only criteria when I was looking for a replacement car was that it should drive like a newer version of my Boxster S. It had to be a sports car, to drive with precision and have comfort. I also wanted good fuel economy and for the finance to not be too cumbersome. I really don't ask for much!" Having taken the car on a test drive, Mrs Bray felt that the SLC ticked these boxes. She added, "What attracted me most to the SLC was the drive, then the looks. It has got class! It has a comfortable interior and an excellent interior finish to compliment the now-iconic exterior design. I would not have known these things had I not been offered a test drive." As a car that would be relied upon to liven up her commute, it was important to Mrs Bray that her new sports car was responsive and enjoyable to drive. We asked her how she rated the SLC for this and a number of other factors. PerformancePerformance - Handling and precision are the car's best features. They are my requisites for a sports car, along with comfort, and these are already a given in this SLC. It handles well: it thinks with me and does not hesitate. I also love the automatic gearbox and the electronic handbrake. Safety Safety - The drive feels secure; speed and high winds don't seem to affect the drive. Comfort Comfort - Coming from a car with hard suspension, this SLC is far more comfortable for my back. Adjusting the seating position is easy. Aesthetics Aesthetics - I especially like the seat design. The improved exterior results in better styling than its predecessor. Practicality Practicality - In my terms it is practical because for most of the time I am the only person in the car. I do not need to ferry people around or carry a lot, so an extra seat is already a lot for me.   Mrs Bray's passion for sports cars shone through in her interview. As did her clarity on desired performance and her understanding that this needn't be at the detriment of driver comfort. We were thrilled to learn that her SLC had proven itself as a worthy companion. "Driving my own SLC now, it has lived up to my expectations and hopefully will continue to do so. I do not miss my old Porsche (yet) and hopefully my SLC will continue to impress."

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