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The Top 11 Car Accounts to Follow to Refresh your Social Media Feed

16 Nov 2020
Feel like refreshing your social media feed with the best car accounts to follow? Having more time at home means more time to scroll and find the perfect accounts to learn more about what gets you engine raring! We’ve compiled our favourite car accounts to hear more about the latest news in the automotive industry including reviews, product releases and much more.

The best car accounts to follow:

1. Shmee150

Super car fan Tim Burton AKA Shmee150 reviews high performance supercars across his Instagram and YouTube account. His own collection @shmeemobiles even have their own model account to showcase the photography of them from across the world. 

2. Super Car Blondie

Australian social media superstar Supercar Blondie brings and added touch of style and accessibility to her reviews of powerhouse supercar models. She prides herself on creating content that answers questions without using too much jargon. With over 23 million followers on social media, it’ obviously working!

3. Mat Watson Cars

Mat Watson is the resident reviewer from Car Wow. His channel is full of informative and honest product demonstrations and reviews. His Mat Watson Cars channels gives an added depth of insight, as well as some hilarious bloopers.

 4. Lets Torque About It

The perfect car account to follow for Mercedes-Benz lovers. Super fans Brad & Bains take the keys for the latest models to review, as well as competing in challenges against each other. A great source of Mercedes-Benz insight, particularly if you have a taste for AMG.

5. E-Curie

Created to “explore and celebrate the best of car culture and creativity”, E-Curie’s website features a host of interesting articles designed to highlight the artistry of car design and the beauty of motorsport photography.

6. Cars and Koffee

A smaller account, but unique to South West. Cars & Koffee Plymouth usually organizes meet ups for local supercar owners (which are currently on hold), and also showcases fantastic supercar photography across Devon & Cornwall.

7. Alex Penfold

Super stylish super car photography from around the world, perfect content for anyone who loves cars and travel to get you inspired!

8. Yianni Charalambous

Celebrity car wrapper and host of  Yiannimize, Yianni Charalambous creates custom car wraps for high end vehicles. If you’re looking for truly unique cars then his channel is the one for you.

9. Chris Harris

One third of the latest Top Gear line up, retired racing driver Chris Harris has an unquestionable passion for all things on four wheels. His social media channels features latest reviews as well as a nostalgic look at the cars he’s loved over the years.

10. Amy Shore Photography

If you’re more nostaligic and have a love of all things vintage, then Amy’s feed is likely to be for you. Her atmospheric photographs capture classic cars in their best light, and have an emotive edge that make you want to transport straight back to the glory days.

11. Lewis Hamilton

One for F1 fans everywhere. This is a bit of a no-brainer, but following Lewis will give you a brilliant insight into the life of F1 champion.

These are just a selection of our favourite car accounts to follow for all the latest inspiration! Don't forget, you can also follow us on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube and LinkedIn for all the latest Mercedes-Benz South West news, offers, product walk-arounds and unique South West content!
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