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The smart EQ Facelift has arrived

11 Feb 2020
The long awaited new all electric 2020 smart EQ facelift has arrived. With a more dynamic and up to date looking front and rear including a brand new body-coloured grille with forward air vents, full LED daytime running lights and new rear halogen tail lights. This fresh look for the new decade certainly sharpens up the overall look of these most loved compact cars.

The Technical Bits

The smart EQ 2020 facelift model comes with:
  • A 22kw on-board charger which charges up to 80% in just 40 minutes, as well as the 13 amp 3 pin in home domestic charging cable.
  • Combined power consumption (kwh/100km.
  • 80 mile range on full charge
  • Zero co2 emissions =zero road fund costs.
  • 62,000 mile battery warranty or 8 years
  • £14.00 per month service cost.
  • Smart road side assistance for up to 30 years (T&C apply)
There are also four new model lines: Passion Advanced, Pulse Premium, Prime Exclusive and for 2020 the Edition One sporty-design option. With these new variants there is certainly an option for all budgets and tastes!

smart EQ facelift - Exterior Highlights

The most prominent change in the smart EQ facelift is the new honeycomb grille. Alongside new optional full-LED lights, the updated front end retains an emphatic and delightful first impression. Vibrant new paints including carmine red and gold beige for the fortwo or steel blue and ice white for the forfour, also add to the exterior design. The facelift model now comes with rear parking sensors as standard, and still features the fantastic turning circle of 6.95 mtr on the 4/2 and 9.05mtr on the 4/4. smartEQ 2020

smart EQ facelift - Interior Highlights

The style of the smart EQ extends to the interior of the car too. With optional trim elements available for the first time in the facelift models. The trim elements will be available in four different finishes: blue with honeycomb pattern, carbon-fibre look, wood look or painted in gold beige. As well as the trim there are new upholstery variants available, including black fabric with a honeycomb stitching in blue or white. The comfort pack now comes as standard with height adjustable driver seat and steering wheel and electric mirrors for a truly relaxed drive. The new smart media touch screen system is equipped with a helpful charge spot finder, DAB radio, mirror link and navigation.


Safety has always been paramount within the smart brand. The new EQ facelift is no exception, and is equipped with the following safety features: Tridion Safety Cell - this architectural feature helps to reduce the risk of injury in case of a vehicle impact. This hemispherical steel "cage" encloses the interior of the car and also forms most of the smart's chassis. This then acts to disperse the impact across the entirety of the frame, reducing the level of impact for passengers. ABS Braking - this anti-skid feature prevents wheel locking and enables you to keep traction with the road at all times. Active Brake Assist - your car will notify you if it senses that you are too close to the vehicle in front, thus reducing the chance of rear impacts. Cross Wind Assist - detects adverse wind conditions and applies targeted braking to one side of the vehicle to counteract the effects. Hill Start Assist - Applies pressure to the brake for slightly longer when making a hill start, making is easier to move off from a sloped position. Electronic Stability Programme - In the event of skidding the ESP applies the brakes to each wheel individually in order to steer in the correct direction of travel and reduce the effect of the skid.

Additional packages

New additional packages are now also available, building on the design and equipment lines to enhance your smart. Advanced package: includes Smartphone Integration as well as a rear parking aid which provides audible signals. Premium package: supplements the Advanced Package with a reversing camera and practical aids such as a retaining strap to secure objects on the front passenger seat and a stowage net on the centre console. Exclusive package: contains the scope of equipment of the other packages and extends it with all-LED headlamps available for the first time, which enhance the look at the front and rear, plus ambient lighting for a personalised interior environment.

The smart EQ facelift is available now. Explore our range to learn more about smart electric drive.

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