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What does the GDPR mean to you?

03 May 2018
On 25th May, the most comprehensive reform to data security and privacy since the 1998 Data Protection Act comes into effect: the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). As a term that has been unavoidable in the media over the last few months, but that is all too often left unexplained, we wanted to delve into what the new legislation means for you when you interact with us at Mercedes-Benz South West. The reform is necessary in reflection of the dramatic evolution of the digital world. Technological developments and the growth of the internet have had an insurmountable affect on our everyday behaviour; changing the face of social interaction, media consumption and our relationship with the companies we buy from. All in all, our social and consumer infrastructure is a world away from how it was just twenty years ago and the law must advance to reflect this. As stated on the official website, the GDPR was “designed to harmonise data privacy laws across Europe, to protect and empower all EU citizens… and to reshape the way organisations across the region approach data privacy.”

Winning back trust.

The devices upon which we have come to rely – such as mobile phones, tablets or smart assistant systems – are pushing the boundaries of personalisation in order to become more in tune with our individual lives. For this to be possible, these devices and apps, and the companies behind them, need to know more about us. Advertising is often the only source of income for the developers of these products – which are provided free to the user - therefore this data is subsequently sold to brands hoping to reach potential customers more effectively with their products and services. This means the convenience, ease and increased security achieved by handing our personal data over comes at the expense of our privacy. GDPR sets to reverse all of this, putting the ‘power’ back to the hands of the consumer. And we are all for it!

What will change?

We only want to contact the people who want to hear from us, with information that is helpful and relevant to them. To meet this aim, you will not hear from us unless you have expressly opted in to do so. You can choose exactly how we contact you – whether via telephone, SMS, electronic message or post – and you can change this at any time by contacting us at Keeping your record and your preferences up-to-date will allow us to contact you with accurate and timely information, just how you want it. It will help you make the very most of your Mercedes-Benz experience and will ensure you receive relevant communications and opportunities:
  • Reminders – Never forget important dates in your car’s calendar
  • Unmissable events – in 2017 we took 3,000 customers to Silverstone
  • Exclusive rewards – we give our customers the chance to win money can’t buy competition prizes
  • Future cars – see our latest cars and innovations first
If you want to still hear from us after 25th May, we require that you tell us how you want us to stay in touch. You can do so now by clicking the link below.

          How can we stay in touch?          

Complete Transparency.

Something that the GDPR hasn't changed is a company's obligation to keep your data secure. As before, if you trust us with your data we are bound by law to protect it. You can see exactly how we collect, store and use all customer data by reading our full privacy policy. However, at any point in which you have the opportunity to sign up to communication with us,  you will be made aware of the sections of this policy that apply to you.

If you have any questions or concerns over any of the topics discussed above, please contact our customer service team at

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