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Mercedes me

Simple. Intelligent. Made for you.

Mercedes me offers users a range of innovative online services designed to enhance your Mercedes-Benz experience.

Easily accessible via mobile, tablet or PC, Mercedes me enables you to enjoy the highest standards of care and support, in a way which integrates seamlessly with your busy lifestyle.

Mercedes me Connect.

Mercedes me Connect enables your car to share information in real time with your local Mercedes-Benz to help with vehicle maintenance, diagnostics and more.

Speak to your local Retailer to find out if your car is Mercedes me Connect compatible.

Mercedes me Car StatusMercedes me Car Status

Mercedes me Packages

Choose from a wide range of Mercedes me packages and products to unlock the full Mercedes-Benz ownership by integrating convenient services into your lifestyle.

  • Remote retrieval of vehicle status
  • Maintenance management
  • Accident recovery and breakdown management
  • Remote vehicle diagnostics and telediagnostics
  • ECO display
  • Software updates and contribution to product improvement
  • Individual consumption visualisation
  • Digital wear indication
  • Send2Car via app
  • Navigation with eclectic intelligence
  • Range on map (EV)
  • Program of charging setting and pre-entry climate control
  • Display of charging stations
Free of Charge

  • Remote Retrieval of Vehicle Status
  • Remote Door Locking and Unlocking
  • Personalization
  • Programming and Auxiliary Heating / Ventilation
  • Remote Window and Sunroof Control
  • Remote Window Control
  • Theft notification and parking damage detection
  • Parked Vehicle Locator
  • Vehicle Tracker
  • Remote Vehicle Finder
  • Geofencing
  • Valet Protect
  • Speed Alert (Speedfencing)
  • Car sharing
  • Pre-Climatisation
12 Months - £75.90 36 Months - £179.00 Prices inc. VAT

  • Available Parking Spaces
  • Weather
  • Local Search (SNAP)
  • Live Traffic Information inc. Car-to-X
  • Online Map Update
  • MBUX Voice Assistant
  • What3Words
  • YELP, Tripadvisor, Hungry Coffee Hotel
  • Satellite View
  • Preference-based Route Calculation
  • Online Route Calculation
  • Social Navigation
12 Months - £119.00 36 Months - £279.00 Prices inc. VAT

  • Emergency Key Deactivation
  • Stolen Vehicle Help
  • Park Damage Snapshots
  • Theft, Towing and Park Damages Notifications
12 Months - £139.00 36 Months - £319.00 Prices inc. VAT

  • Mercedes me Charge
12 Months - £89.00 Monthly payments available, discuss this with our team. Prices inc. VAT

  • Range on map
  • Program of charging setting and pre-entry climate control
  • Display of charging stations
36 Months - £39.00 Prices inc. VAT

  • Mercedes me Charge
12 Months - £219.00 Prices inc. VAT

  • Remote Package
  • Navigation Package
  • Urban Guard Package
  • Charging Premium Package
  • In-car office
  • Remote parking
12 Months - £279.00 36 Months - £679.00 Prices inc. VAT

Prices may vary for certain models due to availability of services within new bundles. Prices are set by Mercedes-Benz Cars UK, who reserve the right to withdraw or change the offers at any time.
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