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Mercedes-Benz South West is a trading name of City West Country Limited which is an appointed representative of TRACS, a trading division of FISC Limited, which is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority for General Insurance.

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City West Country Ltd Slavery and Human Trafficking Statement

The Modern Slavery Act 2015 (MSA 2015) focuses specifically on the issue of modern slavery to ensure offenders are suitably reprimanded with severe sentences. Modern slavery encompasses the offences of: ‘slavery’ where ownership is exercised over a person; ‘servitude’ which involves the obligation to provide service imposed by coercion; ‘forced or compulsory labour’ involves work or service exacted from any person under the menace of a penalty and for which the person has not offered themselves voluntarily; and ‘human trafficking’ concerns arranging or facilitating the travel of another with a view to exploiting them.

The MSA 2015 requires large businesses, with sales of over 36 million, to be transparent about their efforts to eradicate Slavery and Human Trafficking. This statement therefore explains the steps we have taken during the financial year to ensure that slavery and human trafficking is not taking place in any of our supply chains or any part of our business.

The organisation – City West Country trading as Mercedes Benz South West –is the collective of five franchised retail sites, national leasing business and Used car retail centre. The supply chain being weighted towards Mercedes-Benz as the franchise manufacturer. Additional suppliers support maintenance, specialised service and marketing of the business
We have policies in place internally, which are available to all staff and these can be accessed by third parties on request, simply contact info@mercedes-benzsouthwest.co.uk for a copy. Our policies are reviewed annually by the Director team and Legal advisers to ensure we remain compliant.
As part of the organisation’s induction process and throughout workers’ employment with us, we train all staff to treat others with respect and courtesy as well as ensuring they adhere to all relevant laws, regulations and standards. This is an ongoing due diligence process. We offer a training and development program for all staff from the ground floor through to management. We focus on ensuring our management team is not only aware of the requirements to be alert to modern slavery but can also address concerns raised by their team or any suppliers. If any worker is found in breach of our policies, we ensure suitable disciplinary action is taken which can include termination.
In relation to our supply chains, we use our reasonable endeavours to conduct risk assessments of the third parties we work with and investigate, where feasible, the working conditions of their workers.

As part of our risk assessments, we have procedures in place to identify whether there is a possible threat of slavery and human trafficking either in the business or our supply chain which includes conducting regular audits of businesses that demonstrate risk. We aim to work with our colleagues and suppliers to ensure collaboration to remedy or mitigate such risks.

We allow all individuals who work or provide services to us the right to freely choose employment and, the right to associate freely with other individuals. Workers are free to choose whether to join a trade union or not and as a result of our training, we offer an environment which is free from harassment and unlawful discrimination. We ensure our working practices are in accordance with the Equality Act 2010 and all employment legislation. We do not engage in forced or involuntary labour and have a zero tolerance approach to the same, meaning we do not tolerate any of our suppliers engaging in such conduct. We require suppliers to certify that they do not participate in any forced or involuntary labour with their workers, subcontractors, agents or associates.

Group Tax Strategy

Mercedes Benz South West is the trading name of City West Country Limited which is the trading subsidiary of CWC (UK Holdings) Limited.

CWC (UK Holdings) Limited is a UK based business involved in the premium motor retail sector. All profits are reported and taxed in the United Kingdom.

This document has been approved by the Board for publication in accordance with Schedule 19 of the Finance Act 2016. It is effective for the year ended 31 December 2017.

Tax Risks and tax planning

The Board of Directors bears ultimate responsibility for all corporate governance and delegates it’s tax strategy to the Group Finance Director who is also the Senior Accounting Officer.

The group has internal systems, policies and processes covering all areas of its operations to ensure it conducts its business in a fair and honest manner, supporting a culture of compliance with all relevant tax legislation.

The board adopts a low risk approach to tax planning. The commercial ethos of the creation of value for all stakeholders in the business including the equity ownership is completely aligned to this low risk approach. We will seek to manage our tax affairs in line with HMRC guidelines and principles. The business employ’s suitably qualified financial staff and engages industry qualified external advisors.

Working with HMRC

We are committed to an open, honest and transparent relationship with HMRC as we seek to have with all stakeholders of the business. We aim to work collaboratively with HMRC whether seeking clarification on a meter or dealing with enquiries.

Approved by the Board of Directors on 8 December 2017.