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Value Service

Keep Costs Under Control.

Fixed Price Servicing For Models Over 7 Years Old.

As your Mercedes-Benz gets older, we understand the need to keep car servicing costs under control, which is why we have introduced a fixed price Value Service* for Mercedes-Benz models over 7 years old.

You can now choose a Value Service to ensure that your car continues to operate in perfect order and without high expenses. This way there are no surprises, no hidden costs… just straightforward servicing meaning that your vehicle can continue to run smoothly whilst being expertly maintained by Mercedes-Benz trained Technicians.

Mercedes-Benz Service InspectionMercedes-Benz Service Inspection

What’s included in a Mercedes-Benz Value Service?

Visual brake inspection

Check tyres

Check wipers and washers

Check seat belts

Check suspension components

Inspect Poly-V belt

Brake fluid level

Power steering fluid level

Check lights

Re-set service indicator

Oil and filter change

Mercedes-Benz GenuineParts**

Free service measures updates

Free car wash

How Much Does a Value Service Cost?

Each value service is tailored to your car. To receive a tailored quote based on your vehicle model and age, please contact your local service team and quote ‘Value Service’.

Why should you choose us over others? Take a look at what you’d get with a comparative Value Service, verses a Value Service at a Mercedes-Benz South West Retailer.

Mercedes-Benz Value ServiceMercedes-Benz Value Service
*Please note that the Value Service does not follow the manufacturer’s recommended service schedule and your free Roadside Assistance† and 30 years’ perforation, corrosion warranty will be lost.
**At the discretion of the Retailer. Depending on the age of your vehicle, the cover will vary. The Mercedes-Benz Value Service excludes collection and delivery and loan car charges if required. Prices are inclusive of VAT. Information and prices correct at time of publishing 09/17.
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