Merecedes-Benz Vans Servicing LCV

Mercedes-Benz Van Servicing

Servicing with Mercedes-Benz South West means you keep your van every bit Mercedes-Benz.

Our specialist technicians use only the best Mercedes-Benz Genuine Parts to ensure the best quality for your vehicle. With local van servicing centres in Exeter, Plymouth, Taunton and Truro, we’re here to keep your business moving.

Merecedes-Benz Vans Servicing LCV

Service Intervals

Intelligent and innovative, Mercedes-Benz ASSYST alerts you when your van needs servicing.

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Van Service intervals are determined by Mercedes-Benz ASSYST. The system measures variables like oil quantity & quality, engine load, temperature and speed to determine the optimum time to service the vehicle. When a lubrication service is required, a single spanner lights up on the dashboard. When the van requires a maintenance service, two spanners light up.

Get your Service right, every time

Thanks to Mercedes-Benz ASSYST, you’ll never over or under service your van again. Your vehicle knows when it needs a service to maintain optimal performance, which depends on a number of variables such as your driving style and the type of roads you travel on.

For a full and accurate list of the parts that should be included in your next service, you can access the Electronic Service Sheet for your vehicle. Simply select your model, enter the registration date and download your Service Sheet.

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Servicing flexibility – Three ways to plan and pay