Meet the Team Leanna Massey

Meet the Team: Leanna Massey

We’re back with the latest episode of our Meet the Team series, and this month we meet another team member at Mercedes-Benz South West, Leanna Massey, HR & Payroll Supervisor. Leanna tells us what attracted her to Mercedes-Benz South West and why she works in HR.

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Interview Highlights

Q: What attracted you to Mercedes-Benz South West?

A: Growing up I always had a passion for cars. I always used to have the toy cars and race them. When the job came up I said to my friends that there’s a job going at Mercedes-Benz South West and they said it was the perfect opportunity for me because I love cars and obviously it’d be doing my passion in HR.

Q: What attracted you to working in HR?

A: So I studied Law at University and at the end of my degree I decided that wasn’t the career I wanted to take, so I went into working for a recruitment agency and working with people in HR. It was then I realized that I actually wanted to pursue a HR career and not recruitment. So I took a step back, retrained and did my level 5 CIBD and progress my career from there.

Q: And finally and most importantly… do you like pineapple on your pizza?

A: 100%. That is my favourite pizza, Hawaiian pizza with a barbeque sauce not tomato!

We hope you enjoyed meeting Leanna. If you’re considering a new role or career, you can see our current available vacancies at Mercedes-Benz South West by visiting our Careers page. We would love to hear from you!

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