National MercedesTrophy FInal at St. Andrew's

MercedesTrophy 2019 – The Highlights

In its 30th year, the MercedesTrophy 2019 was enjoyed by all and was a great golfing event in the calendar. It was a particularly successful year for our South West region participants too, with two teams from the regional final going through to the National Qualifier at St. Andrews. Both Warren Kressinger-Dunne and Alan Poole then went on to qualify for the international final in Stuttgart which will take place later this year.

Before we get underway with the MercedesTrophy 2020, we took some time to get some thoughts from regional finalists Jack Greenslade and Alan Poole to find out their highlights of the 2019 event.


What was your first experience of the MercedesTrophy Golf Tournament?

Jack: My first experience of the MercedesTrophy was through the local qualifiers and I wasn’t really sure what to expect, it being my first experience of a major amateur golf competition. I couldn’t really complain as everyone was really friendly and the set up was brilliant! They provided everything we needed and it made the golf all the more enjoyable.

Alan: My first experience of the 2019 MercedesTrophy was to compete in the May Retailer Event held at Launceston Golf Club. As anticipated, the Mercedes-Benz trademark quality was evident from start to finish of the very well-organised competition. The welcoming atmosphere and hospitality was appreciated by all. A steady round on this lovely parkland course resulted in qualification for the Regional Qualifier on the Nicklaus Course at St. Mellion in June – lovely!


What has been the most enjoyable moment of the competition so far?

Jack: Without a doubt playing at the finals in St. Andrews. When you’re a golf fan and watch it on the TV growing up and you see the pros playing there, you only dream of getting a chance to get on the course and see it let alone play it! Getting to see the heritage of the club and play both the old and new courses was unbelievable.

Alan: There were so many enjoyable moments throughout the competition and associated events. Driving into the St. George’s Hill Golf Club private estate was a highlight – this unforgettable place was class in every way, what a privilege to visit such a wonderful venue.


Do you have any tips for budding golfers?

Jack: Patience! Golf can be one of the most frustrating games and one that mentally frustrates you the most so patience is key and practise, practise, practise! Don’t try and follow what everybody else does. Everyone is different so as long as you practise enough you’ll find the best game that suits you!

Alan: The best way to develop a proper golf game is to take lessons from a PGA qualified coach, stick with them and don’t be in too much of a rush to get on the course!


How does having a Mercedes-Benz help with being a golfer?

Jack: I purchased my Mercedes-Benz with the idea of having more space for the golf clubs! I had to have my priorities right! I bought the new A-Class and it is perfect as it has enough space and is so comfortable.

Alan: It’s a game of confidence, so, having a little skill, a good coach, commitment and good preparation all contribute – playing with top quality golf equipment inspires, but not quite as much as arriving in your Mercedes-Benz!

We’re excited to see who qualifies for the national final at St. Andrew’s this year and look forward to witnessing some great golf.

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