The Concept EQG Image

The Concept EQG

The iconic ‘G’ is ready for electric drive. The Concept EQG offers a teaser of the all-electric version of the legendary all-terrain model series. This exciting near-production study provides a preview of how Mercedes-Benz protect the DNA of the ‘G’, while beaming it into the new EQ era.

Typically Striking

Visually, the Concept EQG possesses the unmistakably distinctive design elements of the G Class. The typical round headlights and its exposed hinges make it easily recognisable. However, in order to welcome this Concept EQG into the Mercedes-Benz EQ range, some traditional ‘G’ features need adapting. The radiator grill found on conventional models is replaced with an all-electric variant, a Black Panel Grille which features the large illuminated star. Surrounding the bold star is the animated pattern of the “round squares” in the familiar blue of the Mercedes-Benz EQ models.

The Concept EQG Front

Brighter Ideas

The traditional spare wheel cover has been replaced with a lockable box with white illuminated accents on the rear door, the design reminiscent of a wall box. You can make good use of this space by storing your charging cable in here making them easy access whenever you require them. You’ll also notice the addition of LED technology to the exterior of the vehicle which only adds to the all-electric feel. The white LED strip featured on the front of the roof rack is a modernised interpretation of the searchlight. A rear LED strip in red is featured at the rear end of the roof rack.

The Concept EQG Image Rear

Electrifying Capabilities

It’s not only the unique and special design of the ‘G’ that the Concept EQG imitates, but also the core values of the car itself. We go all the way back to asking the question: Why was the ‘G’ born? It was made to be an uncompromising off-roader.

Robust, strong, and capable of undergoing ambitious off-road operations. The Concept EQG retains an extremely off-road capable chassis with independent suspension on the front axle and a rigid axle at the rear, newly developed for the integration of the electric drive. Four individually controllable electric motors sit close to the wheels, providing the driver the confidence to meet the specific high demands of the ‘G’ both on and off- road.

Pulling power and controllability will also be improved as the electric battery reaches its maximum torque in virtually its first evolution. This can be extremely advantageous when battling steep slopes or deep terrain.

The Concept EQG Interior

As the Concept EQG develops we anticipate the new and exciting specifics to come. This exciting preview of a future addition to the Mercedes-Benz EQ range leaves us wanting more. Right now though one thing is for sure, the Concept EQG will be equipped with everything we’d expect from a ‘G’, and perhaps even more with the addition of its electric flavouring.

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