The Electric Journey – All Paths Lead To 2030

The electric revolution has begun and the countdown to 2030 is well under way. In nine years’ time every new vehicle sold must be electrically powered (plug-in hybrids are permitted until 2035). So how should we all be preparing for this change?

Take things slowly

Going all electric right away might not be something you want to jump right into. Luckily we have a few years to adapt before making the move. You may wish to opt for a hybrid in the first instance to get yourself used to using a new source of power.

A hybrid vehicle combines traditional fuel with battery power to adapt to your driving need. It is a great option if your driving style is variable between shorter local journeys and longer motorway driving.

A hybrid vehicle gives you the power to decide. For shorter drives you can opt to use pure electric power and when the engine needs an extra boost your traditional fuel will kick in. Regenerative braking systems take the energy created when using the brake and convert it into electric charge for your battery. If you choose a plug-in hybrid you can then charge your battery via a home wallbox or via a local charging point.

Download the EQ Ready App

Downloading the EQ Ready app can help you decide whether hybrid or electric is right for you. Simply download the app from the GooglePlay or App Store and it will analyse your journeys to find your ideal vehicle.

Where can I find electric vehicle charging points?

There are a number of tools available to find your nearest charge station when on the go. The interactive ZapMap app uses your location to give you a full list of charging points near you, and the ability to choose the type of connector that you’re looking for. Public charging providers also have plans to introduce many more rapid charging facilities.

Your Mercedes-Benz or smart can help too! Fully electric models (including the EQC, EQV and EQA) have intelligent navigation which will plan your route according to your charge requirements. For longer journeys, it will tell you when and where to charge. It will also react to live traffic updates to reroute you if your charge won’t get you to a charger in time, as well as also updating on availability of charge points available.

Of course, you can also get an at home wall charger so ensuring your vehicle has plenty of juice to keep you going is simple. Plug in before you go to bed and wake up the next morning ready to start the day with a vehicle to match.

In the future, street lamps could be a key player for expanding on-street charging. These types of chargers have already started popping up in major cities around the UK.

Our EQ Range

Mercedes-Benz have recently announced the latest EQ variants of some of our most popular models.

A guide to our electric models:

‘e’ models = hybrid engines which combine battery power with petrol
‘de’ models = hybrid engines which combine battery power with diesel
EQ models = pure electric models

Plug in Hybrid Range:

All electric range:

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