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smart Roadside Assist

Need assistance? Quick call:

Please call 0207 975 7077 from within the UK.

Please call 00353 16 058 449 if you are in the Republic of Ireland.

Please call 0044 207 975 7079 if you are calling from outside the UK (International).

Keeping you moving

smart road assistance gives you the reassurance you need should your smart encounter an accident, breakdown, minor mishap, or vandalism. If your smart encounters any problems, smart road assistance ensure to get you back on your smart adventure.

Quality customer assistance, on-the-spot repairs, replacement car and hotel accommodation are just some of the benefits we offer.

All smarts registered* on or after 1 November 2014, will benefit from smart road assistance for three years.

After this time, your smart road assistance will be automatically renewed for a year every time your smart goes in for an official smart service for up to 30 years.

Assistance Wherever You Are

It doesn’t matter if you’ve broken down at home or on a European roadside, we will assist you and get you and your smart back on track.

On-The-Spot Repairs

Don’t worry if it is late at night or you are on your way to work. If you have a minor repair that can be completed at the roadside, we will cover the cost of labour and parts, getting you back on your way. This excludes batteries, keys, tyres and fluids.


If your smart has difficulty getting on the move, smart road assistance will organise and cover the cost of towing your car to your local smart Retailer. If you are far from home, you can also choose an alternative smart Retailer instead.

Replacement Travel

We shall make sure we cover the cost of transport, should your smart need extra time for TLC. Whether your journey requires the cost of a taxi, or a return flight home, we will take care of both the driver and passengers; before being reunited with your smart.

Customer Assistance

24 hours a day, 365 days a year, smart road assistance has got you and your smart covered. This includes anywhere in the UK or Europe.

Hotel Accommodation

For up to three working days, we will cover the cost of your bed and breakfast accommodation so you and your passengers can rest up locally, whilst we repair your smart.

Vehicle Repatriation

If you are a long way from home and we can’t complete the repair within three working days, we will ensure your smart is taken care of at your local smart Retailer; for your convenience.

Vehicle Drop-Off

We want you to rest easy, knowing we are taking care of your smart. If you do breakdown locally, we will cover the cost of the return of your smart back to its rightful home (within a 30 mile radius of the smart Retailer).

Replacement Car

Sometimes repairs can take time so we can guarantee your smart is back to its best. If we can’t get your smart back on the road immediately, we’ll provide you with a replacement car for up to three working days for the duration of your repair.

Contact us

In order for us to assist you as soon as possible, please have the following information available:

  • Personal details
  • Contact telephone
  • Vehicle model and registration number
  • Date of first registration
  • Current vehicle location
  • Description of vehicle fault

This will allow our Customer Assistance Centre to decide which of the following relates to your vehicle:

  • Requires assistance at the location
  • Can be driven to your nearest smart
  • Retailer, or,Needs to be booked in for a workshop visit

Please call 0207 975 7077 from within the UK. Please call 00353 16 058 449 if you are in the Republic of Ireland. Please call 0044 207 975 7079 if you are calling from outside the UK (International).

*First registered in the UK
^smart roadside assistance does not apply to the listed countries’ overseas territories nor outside Europe.

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