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Five Apps to Improve Your Driving Experience

20 May 2024

With the evolution of technology comes the brilliance of phone apps, designed to make life convenient. Whether you’re trying to find the nearest charging point or pay for your car parking when you’re out of change, there’s an app for it.

We’ve put together the top five apps you’ll get use out of during your everyday drives to make life simple and improve your driving experience.

Mercedes me

The Mercedes me app offers a range of innovation online services to enhance your Mercedes-Benz experience. There are several Mercedes me packages to choose from to allow you to decide which one fits best with your lifestyle. A handful of features include checking your vehicle information at any time, locking your car wherever you are, and emergency assistance when you need it the most.


Zapmap is a UK-wide map of electric car charging points that allows drivers to not only search for and navigate to their nearest EV chargers, but plan routes based on EV chargers to ensure you never run out of charge.

Just Park

Parking is made easy with the Just Park app, as it allows you to reserve a space at a car park in advance so you’re guaranteed a space. You can pay for your parking through the app, which solves the issue of having no change or having to queue up at the parking meter!

Smart Dash Cam

This app turns your smartphone into a dash cam, allowing you to enjoy all the features of a dash cam from the convenience of your own phone. You’ll be able to record your journeys and keep the footage, giving you peace of mind while you’re out and about.


This one goes without saying. While flicking through a variety of radio stations can be entertaining, nothing beats having your favourite songs in a pre-set playlist to provide the soundtrack to your journeys.  

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