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Safe motoring with genuine tyres.

17 Oct 2017
In close cooperation with leading tyre manufacturers, and according to stringent test criteria, Mercedes-Benz develops tyres that are perfectly configured for its vehicle models. In addition to assured quality, each wheel/tyre combination is optimally tailored to the vehicle and its safety systems to achieve the very best ride comfort, to minimise noise levels and to utilise all available road traction. These genuine Mercedes-Benz tyres will be identified with the marking MO (Mercedes Original) or MOE (Mercedes Original Extended) in the tyre wall. Up to 50 parameters must be met before a tyre receives this seal of quality. They go through an extensive development and testing programme and must also pass numerous endurance tests based on exacting Mercedes-Benz standards.

A Clear Matter.

The EU tyre label provides transparency on a tyre’s performance characteristics. It helps you judge the efficiency, safety and noise levels of new tyres. Its aim is to promote fuel-efficient, safe and quiet-running tyres. EU tyre label Since 2012 all tyres have featured the EU label, which depicts the following attributes:
  1. Rolling resistance: Classes A to G represent fuel efficiency.The better the classification (A = best result), the more fuel and CO2 you save.
  2. Wet grip: Tyres that provide a better grip in the wet (A = outstanding) shorten the stopping distance and offer you enhanced safety.
  3. External rolling noise: The noise pollution is indicated by a maximum of three black sound waves and a decibel value. One wave indicates that the rolling noise is at least 3 dB below the future European limit. Two waves mean that it meets the future limit and three waves indicate that the tyre complies with the current limit.
If you are unsure of the EU rating of your tyres, contact your local Mercedes-Benz Service Team.

Extended Mobility.

MOExtended tyres offer Mercedes-Benz certified quality and compatibility but with run flat capabilities. These tyres can let you drive up to 50 miles at 50mph even after total loss of pressure. Designed to provide enough distance to get you safely to your nearest garage, this alleviates the trepidation of a roadside tyre change. Plus, without the need to carry a spare tyre, you'll be left with more boot space. MOExtended tyres are also convincing in other respects: although somewhat harder than conventional tyres as a result of the specially reinforced sidewall, the level of comfort they offer is not significantly different. What’s more: the fuel consumption level is virtually the same level as with standard tyres.
"Getting a puncture is something all motorists dread. Mercedes-Benz MOE tyres are one of a selection of options we offer to minimise both the inconvenience of experiencing a flat tyre and the safety concerns that come with it."  - Steve Johnson, Service Manager, Mercedes-Benz of Exeter.
The mileage expectation on any run flat tyre should be reconsidered in reflection of load weight, weather and road conditions. The maximum speed of 50mph should not be exceeded.

Winter Tyres.

Often considered to be an unnecessary additional expense, the safety statistics of winter tyres speak for themselves. In the colder months, winter tyres offer clear advantages over summer tyres as they grip the surface of the road more effectively and remain softer and more elastic at low temperatures. Summer tyres, by contrast, lose their grip in winter temperatures. Your safety advantage: on cold and wet roads, the stopping distance for winter tyres is around 6% shorter than for summer tyres – and on a snowy road up to 50% shorter! Winter Tyre stopping distance. If you choose Winter Tyres we will also safely store your original ones and remind you when it is time to change back, completely free of charge. Find out more about Mercedes-Benz Winter Tyres here.

Maintaining Optimum Performance.

Tread Depth: Maximise your safety by ensuring your tyres have the optimal tread depth. 8 mm is considered to be the optimum tread depth for winter tyres. Tyres with a shallower tread depth extend your stopping distance and increase the risk of aquaplaning. During fairer weather conditions this decreases to 6mm. Tyre Pressure: According to EU directive, from November 2014 all newly registered vehicles must be fitted with a tyre pressure monitoring system. These gauge tyre pressure and temperature and will alert the driver to any abnormalities. Maintaining correct tyre pressure isn't just about safety. It also reduces fuel consumptions and therefore CO2 emissions. It enhances ride comfort, protects chassis components and extends the life of the tyres.

If you would like any advice on how to optimise the performance of your Mercedes-Benz through its wheels and tyres, contact your local Mercedes-Benz South West retailer.

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