Winter Tyres

Why are winter tyres and wheels important?

From torrential rain to snow and ice, winter conditions can make driving hazardous. So stay safe by switching to genuine Winter Tyres and Wheels from Mercedes-Benz.

Generally, tyres start to harden at less than +7 °C. But winter tyres use a special natural rubber compound that remains soft and elastic, helping them grip the road better and shorten braking distances at low temperatures. They also feature a special tread system of wide grooves, designed to give you additional traction in snowy and wet conditions.

To learn more about Mercedes-Benz Winter Tyres and Wheels, download our ebrochure or contact your local Retailer to arrange a fitting.

Winter Tyres

Choosing your tyres.

When choosing your tyres, look out for the EU tyre label. It has appeared on all new tyres since 2012 and shows simple icons that represent:

• Fuel efficiency: A-rated tyres offer the least rolling resistance, meaning greater fuel efficiency and lower CO2 emissions.
• Wet grip: An A rating for grip in the wet means shorter stopping distances and greater safety.
• Noise levels: The tyre’s external rolling noise level is expressed in decibels and black sound waves.

Winter Mercedes-Benz

Advantages of winter tyres.

  • Braking on icy roads from 20mph to rest – winter tyres can shorten the braking distance on a snow-covered road.
  • Braking on wet roads below 7°C from 62mph to rest – winter tyres can shorten the braking distance on a wet road.

Get winter ready by getting your winter tyres today.

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