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Mercedes-Benz South West Service Plan

22 May 2024

Here at Mercedes-Benz South West we want you to feel comfortable, safe, and in control when driving your vehicle. Our service plans are designed to ensure you feel exactly that by keeping on top of everything that makes your vehicle tick. As a result, all of your vehicles servicing needs will be in one place, at a very competitive price.

Purchasing a service plan provides you with that reassurance that your vehicle is being looked after by the expert technicians of Mercedes-Benz South West. In addition, you can protect yourself from inevitable price rises as costs are fixed for the contract duration.

Alongside the convenience and reassurance of the service plan itself, we also provide a host of additional benefits for the duration of the contract. These include:

  • Half price MOT
  • Free-of-charge oil top ups between services
  • Free-of-charge Software Upgrades
  • Free Puncture repairs
  • Free-of charge Courtesy Car (normal charge £30)
  • Free breakdown cover
  • 15% discount on additional repairs

All this, starting from just £27.00 per month*. If you're the owner of an electric vehicle you can enjoy lower prices in comparison to a combustion engine vehicle due to the simpler servicing process.

With fewer parts to look after, maintenance and servicing an electric vehicle is easier for us and more cost effective for you. You can read more about electric vehicle servicing by reading our blog Servicing Your Hybrid and Electric Vehicle.

To view our 2024 Service Plan prices or to read our full terms and conditions, please either visit our service plans page. If you would like to speak to a member of our team, contact us.

*Terms and conditions apply. Prices vary dependent on make and model.

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