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The Mercedes-Benz GLB

01 Sep 2021
The new Mercedes-Benz GLB offers the formidable power of a Mercedes-Benz all-wheel drive with the practicality of a seven seat vehicle. Designed to close the gap between our popular GLA and GLC models, our latest SUV is not only highly functional, but also features cutting-edge drive and infotainment technology as well as being an exceptional off-road vehicle. [embed][/embed]

A dominating exterior

The GLB's robust exterior clearly shows its off-road heritage. The front end features MULTIBEAM LED headlamps and and an upright grille giving a dominant stance. This continues on the side cladding and broad rear end giving a powerful presence that is synonymous with Mercedes-Benz SUVs. A variety of equipment lines enable you to make the GLB your own. The Style, Progressive and AMG Lines add a unique character to the GLB with various chrome trims across the exterior, and a variety of wheel options. Additional customisation includes an optional sunroof, tinted glass and a comprehensive selection of paints.

Luxury interior styling

The interior styling of the GLB has the unmistakably Mercedes-Benz luxury throughout. The upholstery is available in a variety of colours, and even the basic seats are made from spectacular ARTICO man-made leather. The Style, Progressive and AMG Lines feature a variety of trim elements to contribute to the overall style. A defining feature of the GLB is the dynamic seat configuration. The large boot holds space for an extra row of seating, allowing the GLB a maximum capacity of seven passengers. The additional seats can be easily folded up or down. The entire second row of seats can also move back and forward to allow maximum leg room for passengers in the back rows. The fully adjustable seat configuration makes the GLB a car that is as diverse as your lifestyle. Other interior highlights include the multi-function steering wheel, customisable instrument display, and practical centre console with touchpad, for a cockpit that not only looks good, but allows you to have a truly enjoyable driving experience.

State-of-the-art technology

Our cutting-edge infotainment system, MBUX, is a stand-out feature of the GLB. MBUX allows you an unseen level of connectivity with your vehicle. Features include augmented reality navigation, Head-Up display and the MBUX Interior Assistant. Read our guide to MBUX. The GLB is available with two standard seven inch display screens or optional 10.25 display screens to show the instrument cluster and media display. The MBUX can be controlled via touch screen or touch pad, as well as voice or gesture control.

Superior driving experience

With its heritage firmly placed in the SUV family, the GLB follows tradition with exceptional off road drive packages. The Off Road Engineering Package adapts the driving style depending on the surface and improves traction on loose surfaces in particular. The Downhill Speed Regulation holds a pre-selected slow speed and carries out targeted brake application in order to provide support when driving downhill. The GLBs 4MATIC all-wheel drive, combined with a variety of driving programmes provides an outstanding driving experience on all terrains. Alongside the powerful all-wheel drive, the GLB also has a range of safety features to give you maximum peace of mind. The intelligent drive systems include autonomous driver assistance programmes including Active Blind Spot Assist, Braking Assist and Distance Assist DISTRONIC. This intuitive drive technology represents an important step toward accident-free and autonomous driving. The Mercedes-Benz GLB is now available to test drive, and we are extremely excited to welcome this product to the range. This model is the perfect fit for customers in our locality who enjoy the challenges of rural driving, whilst also needing a practical vehicle.

Explore our existing range of SUVs to find the right one for you. Please get in touch to find out more about the GLB SUV.

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