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8 Ways the Mercedes me App is All About You

The Mercedes me app is an online platform that connects Mercedes-Benz owners to their car. All you have to do is download the app and contact your nearest dealership to have your vehicle connected. That will allow you to remotely control cabin features, have maintenance updates at your fingertips and always know the status of your car.

It’s not only new vehicles that can connect to Mercedes me. Owners of models that did not include Mercedes me connectivity as standard can contact their local dealership for a free fitting where we will retrofit the future. Here are a few of the reasons why Mercedes me is a must for Mercedes-Benz owners.

1. Check vehicle information at any time

The Mercedes me app allows you to perform all of your Mercedes’ key functions at all times, wherever you are. Check vehicle information such as tyre pressure, fuel level or the state of the brakes, or use pre-entry climate control to warm up the cabin on early mornings and cool it down on hot summer days.

2. A little help finding your parked car

At one time or another, we’ve all reached the airport or shopping centre car park and completely forgotten where we’ve parked. With the Mercedes me Parked Vehicle Locator, it’s no problem. You can display a map on your smartphone or tablet that’ll take you to straight to your car.

3. Lock your car wherever you are

Have a nagging doubt that you forgot to lock your car? You’ll receive a notification on your smartphone to let you know. With Remote Car Locking, you can then lock and unlock your car with a single tap.

4. Send destinations straight to your car

The Send to Car function allows you to send destinations directly to your Mercedes-Benz navigation system so you can be sure you’re on the shortest, fastest or most scenic route.

5. Listen to your favourite songs

Love listening to music when you drive? Receive a free 12-month TIDAL subscription with Mercedes me that gives you access to more than 58 million songs.

6. Receive traffic information in real-time

Whether you’re travelling abroad or trying to avoid rush hour traffic on your way home, The Live Traffic Information function gives you access to constantly updating information about traffic jams, average speeds and stop-and-go traffic to keep journey times to a minimum.

7. Emergency assistance when you need it the most

When an airbag is deployed in an accident, your vehicle’s communication module automatically connects you to the Mercedes-Benz emergency response centre and passes on information about the precise location and condition of your car. In an emergency, the necessary rescue measures can be initiated immediately.

8. Remote parking at the push of a button

Parking is definitely not everyone’s favourite thing to do, particularly in tight spaces when every centimetre counts. With Mercedes me and Remote Parking Assist you can simply step out of the car. You can then conveniently control the parking manoeuvre from outside the car using the app on your smartphone. Having trouble locating a parking space? The app will recognise available spaces for you as you drive past.

Contact your local dealership to arrange a Mercedes me adapter retrofit or to find out how to best utilise your Mercedes me service.

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