A smart choice for local business

For over 34 years the Gladstone-Smith family have been providing dedicated design and print services to the businesses of Somerset, Devon and the wider country. Those at Carly Press specialise in design, print, large format printing, signage and mailing. Due to their extensive catalogue it is likely that those living locally will unknowingly encounter their work on a regular basis.

Earlier this year, Managing Director Mark Gladstone-Smith came to Mercedes-Benz of Taunton in search of a new company pool car. His choice: the smart fortwo coupé.

While the smart range has a lot to offer businesses of all kinds, it was the appearance of the smart fortwo coupé that first attracted Mark to the brand, “We love how quirky and eye catching the smart is and we thought it would make a super addition to the fleet.” From someone with an eye for design, we take that as a compliment!

Small car, big personality.

Distinguished looks and smart’s innovative bi-colour concept result in a company car that clearly stands out from the crowd. For businesses that choose to advertise on their company car, doing so on a smart is a surefire way of getting your message noticed.

“We have grown at least 40% three years running and we have done this with quality and service. The smart helps us maintain this service by always having a car available for staff to carry out tasks for the business whilst advertising who we are and what we do. That is why we have our company logo on the sides. It’s free advertising and we would encourage all business to do the same,” he explained.

“It’s a fantastic advert for us and everyone comments about seeing our ‘little car’ out and about.”


A bold statement about who you are and what you stand for, you can pack your personality into the smart (and there will still be plenty of room…)

“Smart cars for a business are a very effective way of advertising. While staff get to drive around in a very funky, quirky little car, the business will gain great advertising space. It is certainly a very cost effective way of advertising and a great incentive for the people who will drive them,” advised Lorraine Lane, Local Business Development Manager at Mercedes-Benz of Taunton.

Less strain on your wallet and the environment.

Based just off the M5 in Wellington, the Carly Press premises is perfectly situated for quick and easy travel to the company’s core client base in the South West. This is essential for both a rapid and personal service: a commitment to which they are exceedingly proud to fulfil.

“We were looking for something small yet practical and eye catching. We use the smart for small deliveries where getting one of our large vans into town isn’t possible. We also use it for delivering proofs to clients where a fast approval is required. Its fun to drive and has plenty of space.”

As a car that would cover a lot of miles, the smart would not only have to be practical and comfortable but would need to be cost effective, too. Thanks to the unique rear-mounted engine and transmission, the smart boasts an incredibly compact design. This contributes to its low overall weight – reducing both fuel consumption and C02 emissions.

“The smart is great on fuel and has saved us a lot of money in expenses for staff who previously drove their own cars to drop things off to clients.”

In fact, running the smart car has ended up costing less for the business per month than their outgoings on tea and coffee.

A refreshing change to the average fleet.

Compact yet practical, economical yet full of personality; the smart is a cleaner, more nimble company car. If you haven’t considered the smart range for your business, book yourself in for a test drive today!

You can find out more about the smart range here.