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smart EQ Control App smart EQ Control App

smart EQ Control App or smart drivers

21 Sep 2022

Did you know it is possible to make your smart even smarter? The EQ Control App has been designed to communicate key information about your smart that makes your life that little bit more comfortable and stress-free. In this blog post we look at the various features the EQ Control App provides to make your smart, smarter. So, how smart is your smart?

Remotely Check Your Range

Check the status of your smart anytime, anywhere in just a few taps. Here you can see the batteries state of charge and as a result, your vehicles current range. Knowing how many miles you have left in the ‘tank’ is very useful to pre-plan your next journey or charge.

Schedule Charging

Plugging in your smart doesn’t always have to initiate charging immediately. The EQ Control App gives you the ability to choose when your smart charges, meaning you can take advantage of cheaper night-time electricity rates, for example. Another example of an electric car saving cost.

Pre-Entry Climate Control

A super convenient and practical feature particularly during the extremely cold winter months and the roasting hot summer days. Start pre-entry climate control already before the journey for the ideal interior temperature when entering your vehicle. Never have to wait for your smart to heat up or cool down again. This is also an effective way of making optimal use of the range, as it helps you avoid rapid heating or cooling which uses lots of power.

Charge Point Finder

In unfamiliar territory and need a charge? Take the pressure off swiftly by accessing the nearest charging points to you in a matter of seconds. Problem solved.

ECO Driving Tips & Eco Score

The ECO score analyses your driving style and feeds back with tips for greater efficiency. The higher the score, the more efficient your driving style is. This is a great way to gain a better understanding for areas of improvement.

Personalised Push Notifications

Receive valuable information instantly by just looking at your mobile phone. The app can send you important status reports on your smart, for example, when the tyre pressure is low or when the weather conditions are severe. For quicker updates, leave your smartphone in your pocket and use the smart EQ Control App on your Apple watch.

You can view your vehicle status and start your pre-entry climate control with just a flick of the wrist. Download the smart EQ Control App now on the Apple Store or Google Play to start taking advantage of all the great benefits.

Alternatively, if you have any questions or you would like to find out more information about the Smart EQ Control App, contact us and a member of the team will be in touch.


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