New Mercedes-Benz GLS

The New Mercedes-Benz GLS    

Luxurious and powerful, the new Mercedes-Benz GLS brings the opulence of the S-Class to a seven seat SUV. This class-defining model provides sublime luxury, outstanding comfort and exemplary safety. It is defined by a combination of cutting edge drive technology and an ethos that clearly puts comfort first.

The interior of this SUV is exactly what you would expect from an S-Class experience, and then some. The car features up to seven seats in three rows. The second row can be adjusted electronically and the third row provides ample leg room, for passengers up to 1.94 metres in height! The EASY_ENTRY system also allows for easy access to the third row.

Entertainment takes a high position here. This technological car has 11 USB ports to keep mobile devices charged. If you opt for the Rear Comfort Package Plus, you will find a table in the central arm rest of the second row. This enables second row passengers to control the MBUX infotainment system, and allows them to integrate their own devices.

GLS Interior

Cutting edge technology also adds to the lavishness of this car. Augmented reality uses cameras to show a live feed of the road ahead and projects directions on to the screen for seamless navigation. Meanwhile the voice controlled MBUX infotainment system offers an indulgent experience, from playing music through the high tech Burmester sound system to controlling massage seat functions in the first and second rows.

However, the GLS has much more to offer than just an opulent experience. The off-roading capabilities of this car are truly astounding. The Off-Roading Package allows the driver to set the suspension level dependent on the terrain being covered. Then, using a combination of 360 sensors and vehicle cameras, the GLS analyses the road ahead and uses axle articulation to distribute the power across each of the four wheel. Mat Watson from CarWow even said “I don’t think I’ve ever been comfier off-road than in this car” – high praise indeed.

GLS Off Road

As well as the exceptional off-roading capabilities the GLS is packed with Mercedes-Benz safety features. Autonomous drive functions help with lane changing and keeping a safe distance from the car in front, while the new ‘traffic jam approach’ feature uses live traffic feeds to autonomously slow the vehicle down before the driver even sees the accident, reducing dangerous last minute braking. The Trailer Assist feature also makes parking large trailers easy by setting trailer angles to steer autonomously and again utilising vehicle cameras to manoeuvre large loads.

At over 5.2 metres the GLS is guaranteed to make an impression. The boot capacity, even in the seven seat configuration is 355 litres, which expands to a whopping 2400 litres when the third and second row seats have been lowered. The seat lowering is controlled with the touch of a button for a seamless transition.

Exciting, a little indulgent and endlessly thrilling, the new Mercedes-Benz GLS is the true epiotme of a Mercedes-Benz SUV.

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