Ian Hill

The Evolving Approved Used Car Market

Ian Hill, Group Used Car Buyer, provides an insight into the used car buying process, and how we ensure the very best from our Approved Used Mercedes-Benz.

An Evolving Market

Every year we see changes in the used car market. First and foremost, these changes come from customer’s choices and preferences, as well as changes driven by the manufacturer and their available wholesale stock, technological advances to the cars as well as our systems and processes.

In order to continue to thrive in a competitive environment we need to firstly respond to the demand from our customers. Then we, as a franchise, work out how to make the most of our relationship with Mercedes-Benz to satisfy those customer demands.

This year we launched our online showroom, making it much easier for you to find your perfect match. We also launched our 48 hour free delivery and click and collect service. Read our guide to buying online. 

Finding your perfect match

In order to ensure the very best products for our customers, Mercedes-Benz South West employs specialists in the used car environment to source and prepare our Approved Used cars. Based on a sophisticated stock matrix, we set out to source a balanced mix of part exchange cars and cars secured directly from Mercedes-Benz UK.

Mercedes-Benz UK provide us with an excellent online selection of cars. These cars will be ex- demonstrators, end of contract lease vehicles or Mercedes-Benz staff vehicles. The descriptions for all these cars are available for us to study and scrutinise. This allows me, as Used Car Buyer to the select cars we need and provide the best value for money.

I take previous ownership into account often targeting late plate, low mileage cars. I pay special attention to cars that have Premium or Premium Plus packs, but also those that have rarer options such as Driving Assistance Pack or a factory fitted tow bar, for example. I also look for the harder to find colour combinations, special design leather interiors, in short any car that will stand out and provide extra value for money.

The best for our customers

We spend a lot of time checking the national stock picture so that we know where our cars or potential purchases sit within the marketplace. Like everything in life it’s all about time and effort. Time and effort we hope means that an Approved Used vehicle from Mercedes Benz South West exceeds our customers high expectations.

Find your perfect match today. Search, Shortlist and Shop via our Approved Used Search pages.