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Sell Your Car to Mercedes-Benz South West Sell Your Car to Mercedes-Benz South West

Sell Your Car to Mercedes-Benz South West

20 Jul 2022

Selling your car or van can be time consuming and sometimes a lot more hassle than it needs to be. We take the stress out of selling your vehicle and make it a simple process for you. Still not sure we can help you? We set the record straight on some of those myths you hear about selling your car or van to a dealership.

Myths about selling your car to a dealership:

You have to be part exchanging

Not at all! If you’re simply looking to sell your vehicle, you can use our vehicle buying service without having to make a purchase from us.

We will only buy a Mercedes-Benz or smart

No! We will buy any vehicles from any manufacturer. We also buy vans and campervans too. We are happy to value vehicles at any age or condition.

You won’t get a good price from a dealership

Now is the best time to be selling your car or van to a dealership. At the moment, we are paying more for vehicles due to the stock shortage reported across the automotive industry. This is due to the short supply of semiconductor chips worldwide. So there is no better time to be bringing your vehicle to a dealership to sell.

There’s no benefit to selling your vehicle directly to Mercedes-Benz South West

There are many benefits to selling your vehicle directly to a dealership but one of the biggest benefits is the time and hassle saved in comparison to finding a buyer privately. You also won’t have to pay for any advertisements, additional road tax or insurance whilst you're trying to sell - these things all eventually add up. You will also save time not having to arrange viewings.

You'll waste time having to bring your car into the dealership to be valued

We offer a completely remote service meaning you can sell your car or van from home. You can value your car completely online and receive a fair and competitive quite in a matter of minutes. Alternatively, if you would prefer to visit us in-store our Sales Team can guide you through the process and ask any further questions and discuss an estimated valuation.

We won’t buy your car if it has outstanding finance

Not at all, of course we will buy your car if there is still outstanding finance. However if the vehicle you are trading in is worth less than your finance settlement you will be required to pay the difference. Our friendly teams are more than happy to discuss this with you and guide you through the process.

We won’t buy a vehicle with a private registration plate

Yes we are happy to buy your car with its private plate. Should you want to keep your plate, this is easy to reassign to another car or be put on retention. You can find out more information about this on the DVLA website.

You’ll need to pay a transaction fee

You won’t be charged a transaction fee when selling your car or van to Mercedes-Benz South West.

Your car needs to have an MOT for us to buy it

Not necessarily, however you could get a higher valuation for a vehicle that has six months or more left on its MOT.


If you are thinking of selling your vehicle, we're interesed in buying it. You can receive a fair, transparent and competitive quote from us online in a matter of minutes, simply value your vehicle.

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